Monday, August 27, 2012

happy birthday 19th amendment (2012 version)

I just wanted to remind the women of this country when you are at the polls and you are voting against marriage equality, just think about how hard and vigilant the women before you fought for 41 years (did you hear me? 41 YEARS!) to give YOU equal rights and YOU the right to even have that vote. It seemed like a crazy, liberal idea 92 years ago and was rejected for 41 years before it was ratified as the 19th Amendment to our Constitution in August 1920. I hope this fight doesn’t take as long, but I do think our future generations are going to look back on this and be flabbergasted that we even had to have this discussion, just as I am now. We are all humans first and foremost, everything else is secondary… we all deserve the same individual rights regardless of sex, race, religion, social class and sexual orientation. It’s what you do with those rights that determine the kind of person you are and the life you shall live.

“A closed mind is a beautiful thing to lose.”