Wednesday, February 25, 2009 know who.

We’re on week two since President Obama signed the 800 zillion billion whatever dollar American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Now, those Republicans and some Democrats who voted against the package are having absolutely no problem taking the money they voted against receiving. I don’t get it. How can you accept something you so strongly argued was a bad idea and would ruin America has we know it? I just don’t understand? This is the most blatant form of hypocrisy and makes me nauseous. If you're going to fight against something... then stand up and fight against it. Just don't sit back and say, 'Ok. Show me the money!! Even though I voted against everything you stand for because I wasn't going to get exactly what I wanted.'

The senators and representatives that voted against the stimulus package should not be given the money that is proposed for their states or purposes because THEY VOTED AGAINST IT! What is wrong with people? How can they say NO NO NO but then TAKE TAKE TAKE? It makes you wonder why they even voted against it in the first place? Was it really because they didn’t believe in the contents of stimulus package or because they didn’t want to believe in the WHO of the stimulus package?

Politics… it’s a bitch.

Like the election, North Carolina was split right down the middle. Every Republican (1 Senator and 5 Representatives) voted No. Every Democrat (1 Senator and 7 Representatives) voted Yes... except for one. One lone Democrat voted No. Coincidentally, he is my representative and I voted for his re-election. Jeez...! Just when you think someone really does care about your mountain values...?