Friday, April 29, 2011


one simple word, but the meaning is anything but simple. most people say they believe in it, but do they really feel it? i came to a point in my life where felt it so much, i had this one simple Hawaiian word tattooed on my body so it will be apart of me until the day i take my last breath.

it was a long journey for me to find the meaning of this word and really (i mean really!) believe in it. i seem to find it everywhere now... yet sometimes i find it so hard to believe in it for other people. they seem to find it so easy and say they are as if you just say it, that means you are. anyone can say how they feel, but i don't think the people who are so easy to say it, really take the time to go deep down inside and decide if they really feel it. it's just so easy to say without looking and finding out the truth. why are people so afraid of finding out what their weaknesses are? that's how you grow as a person.

or maybe, i'm just jealous of these people who find it so easy. maybe they really do feel it and didn't have to take the long and tumultuous self-analyzing emotional roller coaster of a journey that i did. is their journey easier since it happens so fast? i will never know but time has been the best friend to me.

i do not wish that my life had gone any different than it has. everything does happen for a reason, and it all made me who i am today. a strong, independent woman who has found true happiness within herself.

"no one is put here on this earth to make you happy, they are simply put here to share in your happiness." --thank you Momma for teaching me the most important lesson that i will ever learn in life... and thank you to Stephen for being the one i'm luckily enough to share it with.