Thursday, May 19, 2011

blame it on the rain.

i believe you have to experience all different kinds of people, emotions and situations to really know what you want out of life. i think people who stay inside their safe and comfortable bubble are short changing themselves. how do you know what you want, when you never had to go find it or fight for it, it was just right there staring you in the face saying, "hello. i am your life. nice to meet you. listen carefully, this is what's going to happen for the next 60 years." you never had to wonder what life holds for you or struggle through endless, lonely days of wondering if it really was going to be okay... because everything was just laid out there for you - like when you were in kindergarten and your mom laid out your clothes for you to wear. you didn't question it. you just did it.

maybe i'm jealous of people who seem to have life figured out early in life because when i was younger, i thought i knew everything but as i've gotten older, i'm realizing that i don't know anything at all. i do believe life is a continuous journey. a journey of finding yourself, loosing it, then rediscovering yourself... only to find out that you are the person you had always been... just older. a journey that sometimes requires you to go at it alone.

life gives us obstacles to make us grow. they are chances to make us smarter, wiser and stronger. they are absolutely never fun or enjoyable, but are always totally worthwhile in the end. i feel sorry for people who settle and go around life's obstacles rather than over them. they sweep them under the rug because they don't want to upset the All-American apple cart that society tells them they should have. they have no idea what they are missing. but maybe one day, they will.

side note…for those of you who are now asking yourself, what the hell am i supposedly missing? you are probably the same person who didn’t get the series finale of LOST either. just sayin’.