Monday, January 19, 2009

what is your dream?

Today, the man who is to become the next president of the United States asked Americans to go out and serve their community. A record number of citizens choose to volunteer today, including myself. I am lucky however, that my company is a small family owned business in which they encourage such community involvement. While at the local food bank, where I made Valentine's to put into children's backpacks along with enough food for the weekend, since that was more than likely the only food they would have to eat; we were asked if this was our first time volunteering... almost everyone raised their hand. So I ask you, how can one question the motives of our next president when he, even before he has taken the oath to serve, protect and lead our country... creates such change in our lives.

Change. The word almost had a cliché-isque quality to it during the campaign. But change reminds of another time in our history, September 11th. There was this 'commercial' for lack of a better visual. There were no spoken words, just simple images. The camera was panning down a quiet street of row houses intertwined with footage of the attacks. Then the words 'the terrorists wanted to change America' slowly scrolled across the television. The screen faded to dark and then reappearing was the same quiet street of row houses, except every house had an American flag flying proudly in their yard... and the words 'they did'.

Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted change. He preached for civil equality and public servitude. He just wanted everyone to get along. Such a simple thought, yet so difficult... even to this day... for some to believe in. Well... we elected our first African-American president in November and thousands upon thousands of new volunteers came out today to help the less fortunate. Change is here, Dr. King.

'Dream as if you'll live forever... live as if you'll die today.'