Tuesday, March 24, 2015

in hindsight

I woke up this morning wanting to punch someone in their kidney's... and I spent all day writing and perfecting a seriously epic rant. (It was about racism, by the way.) But at the end of the day as I was about to hit Publish, I thought how I didn't want to hit anyone in their kidney's anymore... I just wanted to hug someone. So what good is this rant going to do to? 

I'm not going to convince people to see the light and to not be close-minded or racist anymore. I have to accept the fact that we live in an age where anyone and everyone has an opinion and they can talk out their ass about it on social media without any real consequences or courage. And truth be told, no one will probably ever even read this, but I'm leaving it here as a lesson to myself.

So self, when you have the urge to kidney punch again (and it will happen again), look myself in the mirror and repeat after you:

"But in the end, what helps me sleep at night is the knowledge that I’m on the right side of history and I’m on the right side of morality. I’m open-minded, compassionate and accept those who are different than me, in fact I welcome it. I feel like they make me a better person. I am truly comforted in knowing that you get out of this world, exactly what you put into it... and I am the change I wish to see in the world." 

...for the record, that was the last paragraph from my epic rant.