Friday, July 4, 2014

Dear America: A Birthday Letter

wishing you a happy 238th birthday! you look auh-mazing! you have your faults (don't we all?) but i still wouldn't trade you for any other homeland! we are all so fortunate to have been born here... even if most of our ancestors were not. a fact some of us conveniently seem to forget.

honestly America, i've been a little worried about the destructive path you've been on lately. taking away some of the rights you have fought so hard to protect and you are continually denying rights and freedoms to others?! you've changed. it's like we don't even know you anymore. you seem distant. is everything okay? is there another population you would rather be with? just tell us...we're mostly all adults here. we'll still be completely devastated and heart broken but it's better if you tell us now then for us to find out later, when we're even more deeply committed.

and please don't take this the wrong way, but i believe you may suffer from borderline personality disorder. you just seem very divided and have episodes of extremism and chaos. maybe you should see a doctor... hope you have insurance! but you are still a spring chicken, so you have time to work it all out... and we know you will. i just want you to know we all believe in you and we're all here for you, no matter what!

if you're tossing and turning and can't sleep because you have so much on your mind and you just want to talk, we're all ears. if you're out at the bar at 2AM and drunk dial us, we'll come pick you up with tissues in hand for when you start crying about your latest self revelation and/or regrets of your past. if you text us late night, "hey. you up?', we'll text you back even though we know it's just a booty call because that's just how much we love you.

we know that you will one day be back to being celebrated for your freedom-loving ways. we know you'll once again be able to give people the American dream and this land will indeed be bright from sea to shining sea! after all, you're the United States of America....there's nothing you can't do.

here's to 238 more!

love you always,
your peeps

"nobody living can ever stop me, as i go walking that freedom highway; nobody living can ever make me turn back. this land was made for you and me." -Woody Guthrie