Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ego v. Responsibility

so today the SCOTUS unfortunately decided that employers have the right to deny their female employees birth control based on their religious beliefs... wait? what year is this? yep, it's 2014 and we're still talking about women's rights and birth control. i wasn't even born when this discussion started and i've been around for 3 1/2 decades (...and just to clarify it's just not birth control, employers can now deny any medical care to their employee's if they do not "believe" in it, including blood transfusions, if your employer is a Jehovah Witness... or basically anything if your employer is a jackass.)

i get it (although not really) you don't believe in birth control because you think it leads to promiscuity. well, let me ease your mind... it doesn't. it does however, prevent us from adding to the already over populated world. it helps couples plan for the right time to start a family, if at all.  it relieves women who suffer from debilitating cramps, endometriosis and prevents certain cancers... and it also clears up acne.

it is not a gateway to sex. you want to know what the gateway to sex is? it's called puberty! we've all been there and have less than fond memories of it. abstinence only education does not work. there's no way it could... it completely goes against human nature. [please google hormones if you need further explanation]

but what actually baffles me more than anything, is that Viagra is still covered! you have no problem promoting and including a drug that was specifically formulated so men could have sex - let me say that again, so that MEN COULD HAVE SEX! yet, you get your panties in a wod about birth control... a drug specifically formulated to prevent women from getting pregnant... while having sex with the man using Viagra?! so basically you're saying it's okay to have sex whenever and with whomever if you have a less than competent shriveled up little wiener ...but it's not okay for women to be sexually responsible?  

juuuusssst making sure i got that right and i know which side of history you are going to be on... because i don't know what backwards crazy world you are living in, but it sure as hell isn't this one. 

"The court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield." - Ruth Bader Ginsburg