Wednesday, February 23, 2011

you're so gay, you probably think this blog is about you.

as i was perusing the local newspaper's website (not the be confused with an actual newspaper) on how Malcolm X's daughter had been arrested in one of Western North Carolina's mountain counties... i came across another article regarding civil rights... gay marriage.

at a recent local city council meeting, they passed a resolution calling for creation of a city registry for people in same-sex relationships and endorsing more rights for same-sex couples. a step in the right direction i say... however, others feel differently. our own mayor (a black woman, yes. a historically double suppress-e) even voted against it saying, "i can’t say that i support gay marriage." i wonder what Malcolm X would have thought to hear her, a black American, say that she can't support equal rights for all? or what would Susan B. Anthony say to her, an American woman, when she heard she believes in denying rights to a selected class?

another attendee, a Reverend (a never been suppress-e, not to be confused with a never nude) commented, "where will we go from here? will we go to (protecting) pedophiles? will we go to sex offenders?"

wait... what? how in the hell do you automatically go from allowing people that love and want to have a recognized union to pedophiles and sex offenders? i'm sure, in fact i am certain and would swear on my own life, that there is more than one heterosexual pedophile and/or sex offender that is or has been married. *breaking news!! this just in* - your sexual preference does not have any correlation to your morality.

i am also extremely certain that a gay union will not desecrate the sanctity of marriage... since the divorce rate in this country, with only allowing heterosexuals to marry, is 50% and rising... and that my friends, is some weak sauce to argue with.

so how does ones mind work when arguing gay marriage? i'll tell you how. these people live in a bubble. these people are content in their bubble, so their mind can only be opened as far as the bubble will allow. you have the utmost right to not agree with gay marriages, but no human should have the right to deny love and happiness to another human.

"if you prick us do we not bleed? if you tickle us do we not laugh? if you poison us do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?"