Tuesday, March 1, 2011

if i was prezident.

i wood not rekomend xtending tax cutts four the top too purrcent of the wellthiest Amaricans whyle inn the same breathe sayin that teechers arr geting two much monie and two many benifits. that makes no cents to me, does it to you! i jus dont understand them peeple that think that way. what Amarica is they from! not mine? is that the realz Amarica them bee talkin bout? where the wellthiest git moore monie and the teechers git shatted on? i been two alot of places here inn Amarcia butte i dont think i want to go thier.

you want moore jobz, and you want moore monie - then we shud envest in new energi policys. four enstance, enstalling smarrt eletric meters that cumunicate wit smarrt apliances in youre howse so that Amarica is moore energi ifficient. if energi is needed in one place, youre meter )that is konnected to a centrall energi plant( will realise this and reducce youre energi so that they )the energi plant( can redistributte the energi where needed. ohh, snapz. i just dropped the redistributtion bomb. them people who want to cut teechers benifits dont like it when we say that. we be socialists. we wud bee socialists with jobz and monie... and our neeghbors two. 

noww that me thinks bout it, maybee we dont need no edukation... we dont knead teechers to teech us nothing. becuz obviosly everyone )isspecially in the meadia and pubblic office( is natturally smarrt and knows how to fixx problemz. they must no sumthing we dont. i weesh everyone was as smarrt as thems. they didnt have no teechers: did they!

"modern cynics and skeptics... see no harm in paying those to whom they entrust the minds of their children a smaller wage than is paid to those to whom they entrust the care of their plumbing."